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01 april 2005


Blogsnow stopt met het spideren van Blogger-weblogs die op het blogspot-domein staan.
Over the last 4 days blogsnow had to crawl twice as many blogs as usual. A brief look in what it was spidering turned into an ugly revelation: The majority of blog entries over at blogspot.com are spam. No real people bloging, rather stupid spam bots pushing content into blogspot.com. These don't show up on the results, since the filters work. But blogsnow still needed to spider them. Since bandwidth is not free blogsnow will not consider weblogs hosted under blogspot.com any more. Sorry, I know there are thousands of legit weblogs hosted at blogspot.com. But blogsnow can not afford to crawl them. It is up to blogspot to get the spam out of it's system. If they should ever do so, then blogsnow will look at blogspot again.

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