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05 februari 2005

Audio-interview met Paul Chaney

Marketingstudies.net heeft een interview gehouden met Paul Chaney (Radiant Marketing Group en voorzitter Proffessional Bloggers Association). Het interview duurt 43 minuten en gaat over:
- What is the Professional Bloggers Association? What are its goals? And most especially, how can they help (and plan to help) professional bloggers? How can you sign-up today?
- Who are professional bloggers anyway?
- What makes for an A-list blogger, and how can one become one of the top bloggers on the internet?
- What are the exact steps for getting readership and increasing your blog traffic? How to increase your RSS readership?
- Is there a witch-hunt on for bloggers who promote things with their blogs? Are the "transparentcy police" really here?

Ľ Audio Interview with Paul Chaney: The Pro Bloggers Association, Blogging Transparentcy, Becoming an A-list Blogger and RSS

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