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28 december 2004

Why There's No Escaping the Blog

Interessant artikel uit de Fortune voor januari 2005. Het fenomeen "weblogs" is de nummer 1 trend voor 2005.
Scoble has been at Microsoft only 19 months and has neither a high-ranking title (he's a "software evangelist" who works with outside programmers) nor such corporate perks as a window in his office. What Scoble does have is a blog of his own, Scobleizer, on which he weighs in daily with opinions about happenings in the tech world—especially the inner world of Microsoft. On a recent day he posted nine remarks, each averaging a paragraph, on topics ranging from how a company programmer had fixed a security bug to the fact that his wife is becoming a U.S. citizen. Nothing too profound or insightful, yet Scobleizer has given the Microsoft monolith something it has long lacked: an approachable human face.
The blog—short for weblog—can indeed be, as Scoble and Gates say, fabulous for relationships. But it can also be much more: a company's worst PR nightmare, its best chance to talk with new and old customers, an ideal way to send out information, and the hardest way to control it. Blogs are challenging the media and changing how people in advertising, marketing, and public relations do their jobs. A few companies like Microsoft are finding ways to work with the blogging world—even as they're getting hammered by it. So far, most others are simply ignoring it.
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2 reacties:

Blogger Christ / Adverto zei...

Grappig, ik zie nu dat jij (ongeveer op hetzelfde tijdstip) ook een stukje over dit Fortune-artikel hebt geplaatst. Twee zielen, één gedachte.

28 december, 2004 12:56  
Blogger Arnoud zei...

Inderdaad twee zielen, één gedachte en waarschijnlijk dezelfde informatiebron :-)

28 december, 2004 13:20  

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