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21 mei 2005

Twee nieuwe functionaliteiten BlogPulse

BlogPulseBlogPulse heeft twee nieuwe functionaliteiten:

- Clickable Trend Charts: The popular Trend Chart feature tracks "buzz" on issues, personalities or phrases over 1-, 2- or 6-month periods. Usability testing revealed a need to understand the reasons for spikes in buzz. For example: Buzz about "Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith," which lingered at about .5% of all blog posts since early May, has increased fivefold in the last two weeks to 3% of all blog posts, triggered by the movie's opening today. BlogPulse users can now click on a chart spike to drill through and read the specific blog comments that fueled the spikes. Users can also create their own charts using the BlogPulse Trend Tool.

- Enhanced "Conversation Tracking": In response to feedback, users can now search for any topic in BlogPulse’s "Conversation Tracker" tool. It is no longer necessary to type in the exact link or full URL of a blog post or site. The Conversation Tracker allows users to gauge the extent to which bloggers refer to links or mention topics.

» Two New BlogPulse Features: Clickable Trend Graphs, Enhanced Conservation Tracker

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