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04 januari 2005

Steve Rubel: The Silent Blogging Believers

Deep inside some of America's largest, most well-known companies is an army of hundreds, perhaps thousands of influential blogging believers. They read weblogs, monitor them, analyze them and fully buy into their marketing potential. They come from different professions – some are PR professionals/marketers, others are webmasters or IT gurus, while even more are corporate executives. What they all share in common, however, is silence.
As much as this silent majority believes in the power of open communication, they are either too timid or not quite ready to fully evangelize blogging’s potential to others in their organization. Nevertheless, despite their silence, it is this particular group of individuals that perhaps holds the greatest power in the emerging micro sphere of influence. They are the ones who will help blogging move further mainstream in 2005 – if we help them.

» The Silent Blogging Believers

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